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The Power of Words and Affirmation

This video was so moving and tears flowed while watching it, even for my husband.  Sometimes parenting feels like a thankless job.  As a parent, it is easy to feel judged and criticized by others, especially when striving to walk a holistic path.

One verse that encourages me greatly is Galatians 6: 9 Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a
harvest if we do not give up.

While watching this video, I was thinking about how important it is for moms to have an inner warrior (thoughts we think internally about ourselves) that is uplifting and grace giving.  It is so vital for moms to speak encouraging words to themselves throughout the day.  We can ask ourselves, “what would my child need to hear right now and what would I say to encourage him in this moment?”  These are usually the kinds of words we need to hear too, but we do not say them because we are much more harsh when speaking to ourselves.  At the end of each day, I often ask myself the question “what truth or affirmation would God say to me?”  The answer that comes to my mind in response to this question is often comforting and encouraging.

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Jinjee Talifero: The Garden Diet

A few summers ago, I participated in a 28 day raw food cleanse lead by Jinjee and Storm Talifero.  It was a life changing experience for me.  I lost weight (10 pounds) and felt an incredible amount of energy during and after the cleanse.  After watching this video of Jinjee’s adorable children, my boys modeled them and have gobbled up kale salad ever since : )  In addition to the recipe on this video, we make another kale salad recipe that the kids really like and it has kale, shredded coconut, and bluberries and rasberries on top.  Check out their web page at Continue reading Jinjee Talifero: The Garden Diet

Top 10 Favorite Foods of a 113 Year Old Man

Bernando La Pallo is a very inspirational person to me.  I admire how he lives for God’s glory and is also a health seeker.  He loves books and is constantly reading and studying.  His library is filled with hundreds of books : )  Although he believes that genes play a part in longevity, he also believes that a healthy lifestyle can have a powerful effect on having a long and healthy life.  At age 5, he began to apply the principles his father (a doctor) taught him about natural health. This past summer, he turned 113 years old.  I recently read his book entitled Age Less, Live More .  He wrote this book at age 107.   He now has a second book he wrote at age 112. These are his super ten lists of foods: Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Foods of a 113 Year Old Man