Top 10 Favorite Foods of a 113 Year Old Man

Bernando La Pallo is a very inspirational person to me.  I admire how he lives for God’s glory and is also a health seeker.  He loves books and is constantly reading and studying.  His library is filled with hundreds of books : )  Although he believes that genes play a part in longevity, he also believes that a healthy lifestyle can have a powerful effect on having a long and healthy life.  At age 5, he began to apply the principles his father (a doctor) taught him about natural health. This past summer, he turned 113 years old.  I recently read his book entitled Age Less, Live More .  He wrote this book at age 107.   He now has a second book he wrote at age 112. These are his super ten lists of foods: Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Foods of a 113 Year Old Man

A Favorite Morning Ritual

Matcha Green TeaIngredients:

10 ounces purified water

1 teaspoon Do Matcha green tea

1 tablespoon coconut butter (I like Ostara brand)

1 teaspoon Manuka honey ( I like Healing Honey Active Manuka from Synergy company)

1 teaspoon colostrum powder (I buy mine from Longevity Warehouse)

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Directions: Put all the ingredients in a Vitamix and blend until creamy.  Yum.